Sign Reordering Services


Need new nameplates or inserts? Room signs, suite signs, and directories need updating? Expanding your facility and have a need to match an existing signage system?

Serigraphics uses their proprietary software program to track the facts within every signage system – any new signage must meet the requirements and styles that have already been established- including the series, types, sizes, colors, fonts, components, and location of the signage.



At the completion of each signage project our clients receive a close-out manual explaining the care and maintenance of their signage, a complete set of sign type layouts and a custom reorder packet.

If you need assistance with reordering, please call our customer service representative at 763.277.7774.

If you are a property, facility, or operations manager and need to reorder signs please contact the building owner or contractor that worked with Serigraphics in procuring the signage.


Online Reorder available 24/7

Existing clients can begin a reorder at anytime using the link below.  Our ordering system will provide you with the information that you need to ensure that reordered or replacement signs are consistent with your existing sign program.

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