Serigraphics Sign Systems, Inc. – Terms & Conditions

Samples/Prototypes: Samples of materials, workmanship and color may be supplied at no charge if requested. Specific samples that must be custom made will be supplied at regular prices. Samples for approval (when firm order is placed subject to the approval of the samples) are supplied no charge if the firm order is placed when the sample is requested, and later used as part of the final requirements (not remade). Remakes of samples for approval due to revisions of specs, lost or kept by owners, architects or designers will be billed at regular prices as part of the final order requirements. Each prototype minimum fee is $250.00 unless otherwise stated in formal estimate.

Drawings/Project Setup: Shop drawings and sign schedules are supplied if you place a firm order which is subject to your approval of such drawings, designs, or schedules. Charges for drawings/schedules and project setup fees at 15 to 20% of project total costs, a minimum charge of $95.00 and are included in the total cost of Estimates. All drawings, designs or schedules remain the property of the Serigraphics, and may be used only for your review and approval. All other use is strictly prohibited. When shop drawings are requested, the Buyer is totally responsible for checking details, spelling and dimensions. Production will be held for such approval. If drawings are not returned approved within 90-days of acceptance period price guarantee is void.

Design + Build: Serigraphics Design + Build service is offered as a package only. In the event Serigraphics is not hired to perform the Build phase after performing Design services, applicable fees will apply. Applicable fee’s will be calculated & invoiced separately and are the responsibility of the customer. Design services can range between 5% to 20% of the Build estimate. Design services include but not limited to; Schematic Design, Design Development, Programming, Sign Agent, Wayfinding, Prototyping, Presentations and Revisions. For further information, please consult with your Sales Representative.

Minimum Order: Minimum order is $250.00. Certain specific products may carry higher minimum order amount as shown in pricing information sheets. Previous customers or sign types we have built previously and we still have art or drawings; Minimum Order is $150.00

Prices: All prices are F.O.B. our factory unless specifically acknowledged otherwise. Shipping costs and sales taxes are additional, unless specifically acknowledged. Prices quoted to you are based on using our standard construction, letter styles, colors and finishes, unless otherwise noted.

Price Changes: Prices quoted are firm for the quantities quoted when order is accepted and when delivery is to be made within a seven-month period. In the case of extended deliveries (over seven months) increases in raw materials and direct labor may be passed on to the buyer at actual cost. Prices are subject to change without notice before order is offered and accepted.

Order Acknowledgment: Order acknowledgment via email and/or our proposal form, together with the terms in this agreement, will be deemed by Buyer and Serigraphics as the final expression of their agreement and will be deemed the exclusive statement of the terms thereof, unless notified by us in writing.

Change Orders: All changes to orders previously acknowledged must be requested in writing and are subject to our approval. Additional or modified charges may be incurred and you will be advised before changes are implemented.

Cancellations or Delinquent Accounts: Orders may not be terminated without written consent. A charge will be imposed to cover work partially completed. Drawing and setup fees are 15% to 20% of project total and are due by customer to Serigraphics in addition to product costs.

Returns: No returns are allowable without our written consent and shipping instructions.

Delivery: Delivery schedule is estimated from the date of receipt of approval from customer for all shop drawings, submittals, samples, etc. and will be subject to our production schedule at the time of manufacture.

Shipping: Unless complete instructions are given, we will ship at our discretion in what we determine to be the best method. We are not in any way responsible for delays beyond our control.

Payment Agreement: Payment terms are net ten days from date of invoice with established accounts. This means that payment in full is due for all purchases ten days after the date of invoice. Merchandise is invoiced at the time of shipment or in phased projects when materials are finished and stored in our warehouse. Orders without an established account and all initial orders will be shipped COD. Without an established account, we may request advanced payment or deposit as we deem necessary. Large orders of $50,000.00 or more will allow for progress payments from client for stored materials (finished or unfinished) as Serigraphics may need to buy all materials to secure unit prices offered to client(s).

Late Payment Penalty: In the event Buyer fails to pay the net purchase price within the time specified above, a late payment charge of 1.5 percent per month (18 percent APR) or the maximum lawful rate shall be payable on all past due accounts. Buyer also agrees to pay all costs of collection, including reasonable attorneys’ fees, liens and miscellaneous court filing fees in the event payment in full is not received as contingent upon suit being filed by Serigraphics or on Serigraphics behalf. Drawing and setup fees are 15% to 20% of project total and are due by customer to Serigraphics in addition to product totals.

Liens: Serigraphics and all of it’s subcontractors that have spent time or provided materials for your project have the right to file builders or material liens against the building or property the signs were delivered to or installed at, if payment in full is not received with in 60 days after installation.

Material Acceptance: All claims for damage, defects, errors or shortages must be made within seven days of order delivery. Failure to do so shall constitute acceptance and a waiver of any defects, errors or shortage claims.

Security Interest: Title to goods transferred under this agreement will remain with Serigraphics Sign Systems Inc., until payment in full, is made by customer.

Waivers: Serigraphics failure to enforce at any time any of the provisions hereof shall not be construed to be a waiver of such provisions or of the right of Serigraphics to enforce any such provisions.

Warranties: Serigraphics Sign Systems, Inc. offers a 1 year limited warranty on the products it manufactures. Warranties are limited only to products that it manufactures and will be repaired or replaced at our option if found to be defective in materials or workmanship. Specific other products warranties of from our component suppliers (such as, light bulbs, computers, transformers, software or electronics) carry their own manufacturer warranty and supersede our limited warranty. These components may be subject to extra labor charges by Serigraphics Sign Systems or our subcontractors if the labor to replace defective components is beyond our suppliers standard warranty period. No warranty is offered on damage to products, walls or other consequential damage caused by use of these products unless they are installed by Serigraphics. Products must be fully paid in full in order to be covered by our repair or replacement warranty.

Estimates: Estimates are for reference only and are not binding in any way whatsoever.

Over-Under Runs: Where more than 50 identical parts are to be provided, we reserve the right to over or under run and invoice by 10 percent unless noted “no under run” or “no over run” (not both).

Storage: If delivery cannot be accepted upon the acknowledged date, we reserve the right to store the merchandise at your expense and risk. We will issue invoices when goods are placed in storage.

Transit Claims: We are not responsible for damage suffered in transit. All products are shipped at your risk and are considered in acceptable condition when accepted by the transportation company. File all claims within five days with the carrier for loss or damages and under no circumstances shall our liability exceed the price for defective materials. All packages and merchandise are insured for their full value when shipped.

Serigraphics Sign Systems Inc. reserves the right to make without notice, specification amendments that do not significantly alter product appearance or quality.

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